Mattress Mold: Signs, Causes, and Removal

Mattress mold is a type of fungi that can be found in damp and humid spaces. This fungus develops very quickly and can destroy furniture and other home stuff. This can grow anywhere, from carpets to mattresses to walls, and is very important to deal with. It multiplies rapidly by traveling in the form of spores through the air. This fungal growth can be green, brown, or yellow in color and can be easily identified. It feeds on dead cells that often fall off of human bodies.

It is not only disgusting because of its bad odor but can also be dangerous for the skin. It is better to get rid of it before it spreads too much. For that, you need to identify mold. Check out newsweek article on best memory foam mattress

How to identify mold?

Mold is often confused with mildew. But unlike mildew that stays on the surface of the mattress, mold tends to penetrate deep inside the mattress. This makes mold way more difficult to deal with than mildew. Mold can not only be found on furniture or walls but can also infect food.

Mildew is also a kind of mold that appears in the form of small blackish dots, whereas mold is fuzzier and has different colors. Mildew can be cleaned easily. In most cases, people refer to mildew as mold.

Signs of mold presence

There are no early signs of mold as you will only be able to see mold after it spreads on to your mattress. The first few signs of mold are:

Foul Smell

Mold can produce a really foul and rotten food like smell. Whereas, spores usually create a dank and musty smell. If you sense a different and obscene kind of smell from your mattress then you should look for mold in your mattress.


Once your mold or mildew has grown to an extent, you will be able to visibly see it. Mold usually appears in a fuzzy web-like appearance in white or black color. Whereas mildew will appear as black small spots. You can find this fungus on sides, corners, or in spaces beneath the bed. Mildew unlike mold will be easier to clean. It would come off with a very small amount of pressure. But mold can be stubborn and a real challenge as it cannot be cleaned easily.

How to get rid of mold?

Here are a few tips that will help you in getting rid of mold:

  1. Vacuuming: Using a vacuum cleaner for new mold growth is the best option, vacuum your bed from every side and corner and clean the vacuum bag afterward to get rid of spores’ contamination.
  2. Spray with disinfectant: Mold is basically a bacteria that can be killed by a disinfectant. Spray disinfectant all over your bed and leave it there for a few hours and then wipe clean your mattress. Ensure that the disinfectant is not harmful to your mattress before using it.
  3. Place it in sunlight: After cleaning your mattress, make sure it is completely dried off. Because mold loves damp areas a lot. Dry it under sunlight. Your mattress is ready to use!