Which is best – Natural mattress or Synthetic mattress?

The Benjamin

People who want to buy a new mattress are often confused whether to buy an organic mattress or to buy a synthetic mattress. It is not only about choosing a product; many factors need to be considered. The major difference in organic and synthetic mattresses is the price. You will see a huge difference in the price of organic and synthetic product. Organic products are twice the price of the man made mattresses. What makes organic mattresses so expensive? Are they worth the price? What are the benefits of buying an organic product? These are the common questions that come in the mind of people who want to buy a mattress. For past few years, the popularity of organic mattresses has tremendously increased. This is because of the fact that many people have started adopting organic lifestyle

 Scientifically, the gases in the chemical compound break off and release gases. Countries like United States and Europe have banned the use of polyurethane foam in the mattress. Besides, many countries are still selling the mattresses that have this foam in it. The chemicals that were used to make the traditional mattresses were the same that were used to kill cockroaches. This caused many health problems to the people. The use of chemicals was the main reason why people started shifting from toxic mattresses to organic mattresses. An organic wool mattress was used later used by people. This mattress is made of organic wool and does not bump when laid on. The high quality cotton or wool used was the same as used in high quality furniture. The surface of the mattress is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. Organic mattresses are best for infant or children; it provides comfort to them while sleeping also safety is the primary feature in the mattress.

 Organic latex mattresses are made from rubber tree. Apart from cotton and wool, latex is another substance that repels the dust and allergens. Synthetic catches fire rapidly when exposed to fire; this is why it is not used in kitchens. But an organic mattress is fire retardant; it will not catch fire when exposed. Synthetic mattresses are generally cheaper than organic mattress, but when it comes to health, you should go for an organic mattress. A single adult mattress can be used for seven to ten years; it is like a one time investment. The returns are the comfort and health. Do your research properly, read different articles related to the organic mattresses. You can Google the dealers that sell 100% organic mattress. If you are not buying a 100% organic mattress, then it is of no use. To be sure about the quality of the organic mattress, you can contact the supplier of the mattress or check the Global organic textile standard (GOTS) certificate. You can get best foam mattress from reputed sites and brands. Make sure you do your research well.